Tuesday, 2 May 2006

H5N1 avian flu virus

So should I be freaking out about the impending doom that is the H5N1 avian flu? Is it about that time when we should be hoarding stockpiling on Tamiflu?

Our fearless leader has always looked out for us and that’s why he ordered about $2 billion worth of the vaccine to, well, kinda sorta help out maybe a small percentage of the entire U.S. population.

Not to mention the shelf life on those vaccines aren’t all that long, probably 2 years. It’s gotta be nice for the pharmaceutical company Roche, the sole holder of the patent for Tamiflu - and we aren’t giving out any info on sales or formula to anyone else.

Of course, also great for Rummy, my favorite fake kung fu master and ex-chairman of Roche with lots of stock leftover. It’s nothing new, especially to his buddy Dicky "ex-Haliburton chairman, I’ll shoot your face off to the mutherfucking C".

I guess the other option is to go with Ralenza, which apparently is not as effective as Tamiflu according to a study commissioned by Roche Canada... and those Canucks don’t lie. Besides, you all know the effectiveness those flu shots if you’ve ever taken one.

I don’t have time to link everything above, so go do your own googling/trolling if you’re interested in fact checking or additional reading. This damn lemon scent is really pissing me off.